Dave Rowntree DJ set

As a young drummer, he played in bands with his peer, guitarist Graham Coxon. In 1988, Coxon introduced him to singer Damon Albarn with whom they were searching for members of new band emerging by one of the London universities. And the rest is a history. In 90s the music band Blur were forming together with Oasis and Pulp trinity of the most significant representatives of so called Britpop. However, Blur successfully survived fading away of this fashion wave and even today they are one of the most sought-after attraction of British music scene. Moreover, Dave Rowntree is also a successful DJ and pursues many other hobbies and professions besides his music career. He is a film animator, when the Blur are not touring, he is also an advocate and as county representative in Norfolk he is also a politician. He is a member of labour party.

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